Monday, June 24, 2013

Picking up the Pieces

In the 21st Century, the landscape and meaning of true LOVE is forever changing before our eyes.
Our relationships are becoming intertwined with social media, and can either nurture a relationship or spiral a web of lies...literally! We are more and more accessible online, updating our moves seconds to reality, and escaping loneliness through social interactivity.
It begs the truth, the full scope of the story, of how and why love is thrown away as simple as a handful of candy.   
Broken hearted </3

This week I wanted to create a real sense of love in the 21st century, so here it is...don't forget to check out The Daily Post's Weekly Writing Challenge-Love !!!!
It takes a strong woman to cut the love of her life out of her perfect world forever.
Slowly the love she shared for him escalated to frustration and anger.  knew she was upset and hurt by his behaviour and wanted to jump on his tail and win the last argument. "I can't accept we are estranged, I will never be the same without you. I can't quit now, this can't be right. Not one more sleepless night."
Somehow, the female nurturing instict urges us to hold onto the good feelings brought to us by our boyfriend, or husband. You know that second we wake up, we reach over for our phones, because there awaits us, is his smiling face slapped on your screen. The quest for love has never been more intense, seeking happiness in all shapes and forms. Were grasping onto the fleeting moments of pleasure and giving ourselves the false hope every girl deserves to be in a loving relationship. Do these instant ‘candy to the eye’ pictures truly measure up to the ‘real catch???’ “Morning babe, miss you x x.” You trusted him, he held you in his arms, and shed his darkest secrets before you. You’ve already quizzed him about his ex-girlfriends pictures on his facebook profile and strangely you choose to accept he is happily detached from her. “What! You live with her? Oh, she’s on the lease with you...and your parents can’t find out you’re not together?” Excuses, excuses. My ears hear cheeky lies, yet my heart bursts out echos of ‘just maybe he will be different' for the hundredth time.

Over analysing each and every act and comment, we decipher the impossible into true and suddenly real feelings of "what if...". But we can’t detach our emotions long enough for us to see what it is at face value. It’s not fair on our emotions and it doesn’t make any sense in our heads because we don’t want to lose the guy who brought us a sense of "deep love and compatibility forever". When can we start to see we’re just not what they want, not now and not ever!
Ahhh the masquerade of everlasting love.. that once was thought to overcome any battle, any downfall, unfortunately is suffering extinction. Only a loyal man needs to prove his faith to a woman, now modern day Romeo gets away with playing a human experiment with women’s hearts.  

It’s a sickening joke. Fooling any girl that walks into his path, the games begin.
I call these men ‘narcissist.’ Afraid of losing hold of what they desire, they demand female attention, prowling for pleasure in all the wrong places. They always act in control and decided to end an affair with a woman. Pretty much as soon as all her buttons are pressed, she is frustrated and cannot put up with his excuses. You need to steer well away from men who don’t listen to what you want to do and refuse to commit to plans. These men are attracted to strong women because they enjoy the challenge to see if they can skirt over every belief you ever once had.

If there is one rule that I have learnt it is, “there is always a hidden agenda.” These men desperately want sex badly enough they will stomp on anyone’s territory to find it.
The real question is what are we keeping up with and is it all worth it in the end? If, for the most part of relationships, the end result is us left being caught up in keeping up, a saga that continues like a little mouse in a maze.  The maze is not made to ever end, you are a mouse running around in circles. Clueless, confused, worried, tired and exhausted.

I prefer to be the mouse in the maze faced with many challenges and overcoming them. That is what I like to call “life experience, coming out at the other end wiser for it all”. It is natural for women to face these obstacles, discovering how long you can tolerate their behaviour before it all crumbles into a big pile of mess. I certainly had my head up in the clouds but when I woke up- boy did it feel like walking onto an oncoming train at full speed. Never a pretty sight. Just a time when your girlfriends will tell you, “never, ever forget how you feel right now, and learn not to make that same mistake twice.”

Peace x

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